Thank you Denver for a real good time!!

We can’t thank you all enough for filling up the Bluebird Theater and getting crazy with us on Black Friday. Big ups to Cycles for getting it popping to start off the night.

11.24.17 – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
Mr. Scientist
Give Me Something Real
Powder* ->
Always Cool
Here On Out
Take Yo Mama^
Mission ->
As You Like It’ ->
Fuck You**
lewd ->
Lost & Found
X) Hanky Panky
* played on acoustic guitar and upright bass
^ FTP (Scissor Sisters) w/ Patty Harvey on guitar (Cycles)
‘ w/ Duff Zone & Jib Zone + Got Your # jam
** FTP (Ceelo) w/ Mike Wood (Cycles) on tambourine and dance moves


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