“The Magic Beans have been making big waves in their home state of Colorado for some time now with their unique genre-blending sound and exciting shows. Since starting to tour a couple of years ago, they’ve caught the eyes and ears of many music lovers nationwide. Bean’s shows are at their core a dance party with an emphasis on original songwriting and extended segments of improvisation. They invoke hints of your favorite live acts while managing to come across with a sound that is distinctly their own. The band’s stage chemistry is infectious and very inclusive of the audience, resulting in a close knit fanbase around the group dubbed, “Team Bean”. Having just signed with Madison House, you can expect big moves coming from the Beans soon. Make sure to check these guys out when they come through your town.
’5 Up and Coming Jambands Poised to Take Over the Scene’ – Live for Live Music”
“The Magic Beans out of Boulder, CO. just don’t stop, unless their on-stage hilarity builds up past breaking point, and then they still don’t stop, but just merge it all into their energetic and crisp performance. Their blues-funk-psych-grass style just shines through their instruments with such a laissez faire attitude. The ability of these musicians to soar right into these hardcore jams and inspirational riffs, and level out into a world of psychedelic peaceful melodies is up there with the talents of the legendary spirits of The String Cheese Incident and Phish.

These boys all have that divine western charm, and when united on stage they just pour out their hearts through these audio boxes we call speakers. The Magic Beans are truly a traditional symbol of that exquisite Boulder folk humor. With their ability to flow so nonchalantly and connect with each member of the crowd individually, as well as the deep on-stage interaction between themselves, these guys are truly on the right track. Their red solo cup energy caused everyone in attendance to have the best day ever; smiles for miles! The beautiful on-point melodies and soulful style mark these fellas’ as the true ‘American Jumping Beans of Funk!’”

—  Jordan Kalb, Arise Music Festival

“The Magic Beans are anything but slow. Bringing a slew of their own fans with them, many in the crowd showed a level of enthusiasm rarely seen for a local act. Hailing from Nederland The Magic Beans have begun to build a loyal fanbase that is willing to catch them up and down the Front Range. A young band with a lot of potential they seem to be all over the map when it comes to their sound. Ranging from Phishy jam to a Disco Biscuits style dance party. At times they drifted into a distinctly Dead tone, which I found to be the best parts of their show…. The Magic Beans have enormous promise, and are already making waves in and around the Denver jam scene. Given the fact that they have had some solid opening slots and are finding their way into festival lineups including the upcoming Snowball and Phibstock. I see good things in their future as they continue to develop their style. ”

—  Nick, Summercamp Counselor, Summer Camp Music Festival TAG Archives

“When you talk to jam band fans, most will tell you that they never listen to studio albums. You go see bands like Phish and Umphrey’s McGee for the energy and live improvisation that takes the music to a level you just can’t reach in a studio environment. However, the Magic Beans, out of Boulder, Colorado, just released an album that will have you thinking a little differently…On the Beans’ self-titled debut, they bring you tighter, more polished versions of the songs they’ve been playing live for almost a year now. On the album only one song dips below 5 minutes while the rest around right around 10 minutes long. Now, that does not mean noodling by any means. They went into the studio with a purpose. They wanted to jam hard but without losing focus. On each track, there are solos, quick changes, dips, and massive peaks, all coming together to create a real mellow listen top-to-bottom.”

—  Freedzy, Before the Bigs

“Local Legends? That may be a bold statement, but the The Magic Beans are heading in the right direction…. a non-stop party that surely must have worn down more than a few pairs of dancing shoes… genres didn’t lack variety. Funk, disco, progressive electronic, and bluegrass fusion influences shook the speakers Friday night….When The Magic Beans took the stage something just screamed “headliner.” Their stage presence is as professional as it gets. They are always composed, but still let the crowd know they’re having a blast…these guys are really doing something that comes from the soul. It’s almost impossible to put a label on…. It seems like they are consistently pushing their limits…..The Magic Beans delivered a show that was nothing short of amazing between the songs they delivered and every positive emotion that came with them…. Like a dream, the night has come and gone, and we can only request The Magic Beans for one thing: please do something like this again”

—  Don Tartaglione, SWAAGER

“Blended genres, instruments meeting electronics, improvisation, exciting live shows. That’s pretty much the formula for a successful Boulder band right now. It can be tiring, finding the truly talented ones, so here’s a hint: Magic Beans”

—  Ashley Dean, Colorado Daily

“There is yet another talented band growing out of the nurtured musical environment that is the tiny town of Nederland, Colorado. Yet The Magic Beans are no regurgitated form.” ….. “the music a combination of ‘roots songwriting with inspired funk/electronica-based improvisation.’” …… “Listening to the new [CD], The Magic Beans, reveals many layers. One thing that jumps out right away is the group’s cohesion – These musicians play very well together… Certain points throughout the album can find spot-on influences from Umphrey’s McGee, String Cheese Incident, Phish, Particle and many others.” …… “Sounding like a seasoned, well-oiled machine, these musicians have a lot to be proud of and excited about in terms of their material and connectedness. For a band to share this type of musical familiarity without knowing each other for very long goes back to the feeling of an eerie, unexplained phenomenon at work to bring them together in the first place.” …..

—  Charlie Englar, The Scene – Northern Colorado’s Source for Entertainment and Lifestyle

“Americana-bluegrass / electro-acoustic fusion, supplemental influences audibly range from R&B-esque funk, bouncy new-wave, even disco, to an electronica-live band amalgam” …… “With a light show and massive sound seemingly able to turn a local bar’s stage into a major venue – it’s not just a performance, they’re an entertainment spectacular!”….. “Quite talented and considerably more serious about their music than most assemblies of young 20-somethings, and rooted in Four Mile Canyon west of Boulder, the Magic Beans are previous winners of the Waterfront Music Festival’s Local Band Contest.” …… “Clearly excited and energized to be playing”

—  Guy Errickson, Colorado Music Buzz

“The Magic Beans is a troupe of musicians that got jarred up in Four Mile Canyon, Colorado and created a bond that allows for spontaneous improvisation and music greater than the sum of its parts. The Beans style is all encompassing and completely natural. Genres include but are not limited to jazz, folk, rock, bluegrass, funk, blues, reggae, electronica, honky tonk, etc. The Magic Beans love music and love sharing the fun with everyone in earshot. Just don’t expect to be sitting down. Rejoice!”

—  Shelia Moriarty, The Marquee Magazine: Colorado’s Music Source