100th Show at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO!!

Things have truly come full circle for the Magic Beans. 2.5 years and 100 shows ago, the band was performing their first real gig ever at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, first band of 4. We couldn’t be happier to be back on that very stage for what we promise to be the biggest, baddest, and bestest Beans shows to date. 2 sets of Magic. This one is for everyone who has supported us throughout this journey. Its only the beginning.

New songs, old favorites, and of course the deep, deep space funk you’ve come to expect. Support TBA as well as many other surprises!!!

Its been over half a year since we’ve played in our hometown of Boulder, CO and over an entire year since we’ve graced our favorite stage in town, the Fox Theatre. Some of you Boulderites have expressed getting “blue beans” from all the shows we’ve been playing elsewhere but we assure you it will be worth wait. Time to come home!!!

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